Cheap Wedding DJ

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A very funky elderly grandpa dj mixing records

What is a Reasonable price for a Wedding DJ Any low-cost goods or cheap services have a reason behind and a cheap wedding DJ is no exception. A lot of couples spend a lot of money on their videographer/photographer but when it comes to hiring a DJ, they look for a cheap wedding DJ. You […]

4Shanbe Suri 2020 at Rebel

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4 Shanbesuri at Rebel

Performance by DJ Phoenix, DJ Borhan and the other amazing Persian DJs. “BUY YOUR TICKET NOW” Red Package – $750 ($400 deposit) – 2 Grey Goose – 6 Tickets – VIP line bypass Blue Package – $800 ($450 deposit) – 2 Grey Goose – 6 Tickets – VIP line bypass Yellow Package – $950 ($600 […]

Matik Party

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Matik Party Persian event

Nov 29th, Persian party at Attic Night Club in Vaughan with DJ Phoenix, and  4 Other DJs and a live violinist. Ladies, put your Red or Pink lipstick on for this one-of-a-kind Matik party. Complimentary chocolates, red sweets and tons of surprises will make it a night to remember. Tons of free parking available. Ladies pay […]

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How to choose the right DJ for your wedding

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Hi I’m DJ Phoenix I just wanted to give you some quick tips on how to choose the right DJ for your wedding, especially when you have guests from a mixed culture and different taste of music. look for a DJ that has experience in performing in international weddings and know different cultures music. And […]