How to choose the right DJ for your wedding


Hi I’m DJ Phoenix

I just wanted to give you some quick tips on how to choose the right DJ for your wedding, especially when you have guests from a mixed culture and different taste of music.

  • look for a DJ that has experience in performing in international weddings and know different cultures music. And make sure to ask for a sample of performance.
  •  It is very important that your audience will be entertained during the wedding.  Therefore, choose a DJ that can interact with your audience and lead them when it’s necessary
  •  Make sure your DJ has the right sound equipment for your venue
  •  Every sound setup is different, according to the number of the gusts, size and the design of your venue so your DJ must have the knowledge of using sound equipment properly to get the best sound quality for your event.

  • Your DJ must take time and sit down with you and review your wedding timing and give you recommendations about your playlist.
  •  Perfect performance is not about just following a fixed playlist all the time your DJ must have the creativity and talent to be able to improvise for any unexpected moments.
  •  The transition between songs must be very smooth therefore your DJ must know the techniques to cut off unnecessary parts, match the beats and make the transitions as smooth as possible
  •  last but not least choose a DJ that cares about the appearance and looks professional.


DJ Phoenix.

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