Dry ice for wedding

If you want to have a super beautiful and romantic first dance at your wedding Dry ice is highly recommended.

Dry ice would give this effect as if the couples are dancing on the cloud. Capturing that moment on a video or a photo would be fascinating 

Choosing the right equipment is crucial to get the best outcome.  Operating these machine needs skills and experience. The machine does not produce the low fog effect by itself. It need s to be loaded with dry ice. 

Dry ice first dance wedding

What is Dry Ice?

 The dry ice material is liquefying carbon dioxide which is being injected into a holding tank to be compressed and converted into solid ice. Dry ice temperature is around -109° F comparing to the regular ice which has 32° F temperature and can be made into large blocks or pellets depending on whether it is created in a block press or a pelletizer. Unlike regular ice , dry ice will convert to the gaseous form as it warms up.

Tips while for using dry ice

  • It is better to use 6000 watts dry ice machine
  • Make sure there is no big fan on the top of the dance floor to make the fogs go away fast
  • put enough water in the machine until it touches the basket
  • Every load should not exceed more than 3KG dry ice otherwise the water might spill over the floor

Safety first

We make sure that we take all the security measures to prevent any hazard to the guests on the venue. We carefully operate the machine and all the power cords are going to be taped and fixed on the ground to make sure it is 100% safe.

Timing is important

We recommend to the couples to choose a song between 3 to 4 minutes if the songs goes longer more dry ice needs to be used . However our skilled operators can adjust the time to have the dry ice at the whole time that the first dance song is playing.