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Why a wedding DJ is important?

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A lot of people say: “There’s a DJ who is providing the service for a cheaper price” But what is your criteria for choosing a DJ? There is always a reason for being cheap. At the first look, it might be economical and money saver to hire a cheap DJ but it is not a wise decision for your wedding ceremony.

DJ is playing the main role in the wedding ceremony. A lot of DJs are very shy to grab the microphone and talk to the audience. It is very important that your DJ would be able to interact with the people in the party in order to guide them make the announcement I an appropriate time and interact with the audience and keeping them on the dance floor. These sorts of skills are very important to make your wedding a wonderful night.

On the other hand, if DJ couldn’t interact with the audience and doesn’t know when to play which music or when is the best time to change the music. Furthermore, if your DJ doesn’t know when to stop the music and make the announcement is going to make a mess. In the worst case, you guest goanna leave the party early mainly because the music sucks.

This is really a talent to know your audience taste and give the audience the music they want at an appropriate time. A true wedding DJ is to keep the guest stay in the party until the last minutes.

Finally, the criteria for choosing a DJ for the wedding is more than just a price. This is the most important night in your life and you don’t want to be regret because you have chosen a wrong DJ.  You should look at the mindset, attitude, personality, and DJ’s skills that would be a match to your wedding ceremony.


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